A woman named Mary Alwood, from England, was constantly consuming Red Bull in order to deal with her busy schedule. Her life was a kind of chaos and she needed an energy-booster in order to finish everything on time.First, she started with 1-2 cans a day. Her tolerance grew over time and she ended up taking more than 20 cans a day. She was wearing size 16 when she stared drinking Red Bull. After some time, her size was 24 and soon she ended up in a hospital because of unbearable liver pain.The MRI scan found that her liver was incredibly enlarged.

The doctors presumed that this is due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, Mary rarely consumed alcohol and later the analyses showed that she had a fatty liver which was caused by the excessive sugar content in Red Bull. Additionally, she was diagnosed with 2 fibrous lumps, one of which was with a size of Satsuma, and the other had the shape of a grape.

Mary immediately sopped consuming Red Bull and started drinking 6.5 liters of water every day. During the detoxification process, she experienced mood swings and shakes, but soon she managed to come back to normal.Mary says that she didn`t pay attention to any of the warnings about the side effects of Red Bull, and she continued drinking it every day, since it had an effect of a heroin on her.Now, she wants to tell the world and help people understand that Red Bull functions the same way as nicotine and alcohol do.Other foods that are high in sugar include tomato sauce, canned soup, yogurt, dried fruit, salad dressing, and granola bars.Despite the fact that alcohol is the major cause of fatty liver, it is very important for you to know that sugar works the same way and leads to fat accumulation in the liver. Also, it increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and development of cancer.


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