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Leaked GTA 6 Map Details: Reported Locations and Districts

Last year, a series of purported leaks shed light on the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, revealing Vice City as its setting, a cherished locale in the franchise. These leaks featured more than 90 videos showcasing a variety of districts that could potentially constitute the game’s expansive map.

While fans can expect some nostalgic neighborhoods from the original Vice City game to make a return, there are also entirely new areas awaiting exploration. Although Rockstar Games has validated the authenticity of the leaked footage, it’s important to note that the final game may not include all of these disclosed locations.

A user on the GTA Forums, going by the name Garza, painstakingly compiled all the leaked information into a comprehensive document. This document spans gameplay mechanics, audio intricacies, vehicle details, and most notably, the game’s various locations. According to the document, the alleged GTA 6 map will encompass numerous districts, including some iconic ones from the original Vice City, such as the legendary Malibu Club, Leaf Links, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach, Vice Beach, Ocean Drive, Ocean View, and Little Haiti.


Although Little Havana may not be making a return, the document introduces a fresh locale known as Rockridge, seemingly inspired by it. Rockridge is expected to feature the Vice City Mambas Football Stadium and a river running through the map.

Beyond the Miami-inspired locales, rumors suggest that the map will incorporate other Florida landmarks, like Lake Leonida (possibly based on Lake Okeechobee), a locale influenced by the city of Homestead, and Grassrivers, likely inspired by the Everglades.

One particularly prominent area featured in the leaked footage is Port Gellhorn, appearing as one of the larger regions on the map. The document describes various properties within this area, encompassing a car wash facility, police station, wastewater plant, bingo hall, trailer park, and even a bowling alley.

Adding to the intrigue, the leaks hint at underwater exploration as a part of GTA 6. The map is said to hold underwater ruins, an underwater research facility, and a whale graveyard, among other intriguing underwater locations.

While the leaked document provides a treasure trove of information about the potential map and districts in GTA 6, players eagerly await official news and announcements from Rockstar Games regarding this highly anticipated title.



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