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The Story Of The Nigerian Man Who Sold a Fake Airport For $242 Million.

In the annals of financial crime history, the story of Emmanuel Nwude stands out as an audacious and elaborate scheme that involved impersonation, deception, and manipulation on an international scale. Emmanuel Nwude, a Nigerian con artist, orchestrated a scam that led to the third-largest banking fraud in history, involving a staggering sum of $242 million. This remarkable tale of deception, ambition, and audacity is a true testament to the limits of human cunning.

Chapter 1: The Man Before The Scam

Emmanuel Nwude’s early life and aspirations are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed he was born in Lagos, Nigeria, between 1950 and 1955. From a young age, he harbored a desire to escape poverty and become wealthy. Nwude entered the world of banking, quickly rising through the ranks and eventually becoming the director of the Union Bank of Nigeria. However, he yearned for more wealth and power, which ultimately drove him to conceive one of the most audacious scams in history.

Chapter 2: Building The Scam

In the early 1990s, Nigeria was undergoing significant transformation, with a focus on large-scale infrastructure projects. Nwude saw an opportunity to exploit this ambition by selling a non-existent airport project to gullible investors. To execute this grand plan, he assembled a team of five individuals with extensive knowledge of finance and banking, each playing a crucial role in the operation.


Chapter 3: The Scam

The team began their operation by sending detailed faxes to banks worldwide, impersonating high-ranking Nigerian officials. These faxes announced Nigeria’s intent to develop a major airport project in Abuja, sparking the interest of banks around the world. One of the key players in the scam was Nelson Sakaguchi, a Brazilian bank executive who took the bait. A meeting in London sealed the deal, and Sakaguchi, believing in the project’s legitimacy, transferred $242 million.

Chapter 4: Selling The Dream

The team’s commitment to maintaining the illusion was essential. They treated Sakaguchi to luxurious accommodations and convincing impersonations of high-ranking officials during the London meeting. To ensure funds flowed immediately, the team manipulated Sakaguchi into transferring the entire sum, promising a $10 million commission.

Chapter 5: Hunt For The Mastermind

Sakaguchi’s attempts to retrieve the stolen funds led to investigations, eventually exposing the scam. Nigerian banks initially refused to cooperate, but international pressure forced them to reveal the identities of the account holders. Nelson’s testimony played a pivotal role in the arrests. Nwude, faced with the prospect of a lengthy sentence, began attempting to negotiate a reduced sentence, but the Nigerian government insisted on a significant fine.

Nwude’s Escape and Continued Deception:

After agreeing to a settlement, Emmanuel Nwude managed to bribe his way into serving less than two years in prison. He then recovered nearly $50 million from his real estate properties, securing his luxurious lifestyle. However, his criminal activities continued, and in 2016, he was charged with murder due to a land dispute. Nwude remains in custody, but his history suggests that he may employ his cunning to escape justice once again.

Emmanuel Nwude’s story is one of astounding audacity and manipulation, illustrating the lengths to which individuals can go in pursuit of wealth and power. The fake airport scam remains one of the most audacious financial frauds in history, a testament to the complexity and audacity of human deception. Nwude’s ability to manipulate, bribe, and escape justice adds an intriguing twist to his extraordinary criminal career.



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