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AMD Unveils New AI Processors to Compete with Nvidia

AMD unveiled its latest AI processors, the MI325X accelerator, at the Computex trade show in Taipei, aiming to challenge industry leader Nvidia. The MI325X will be available in Q4 2024. AMD also introduced the MI350 series, expected in 2025, which promises to perform 35 times better in AI inference compared to the MI300 series. Furthermore, AMD announced the MI400 series, scheduled for 2026, featuring a new architecture called “Next.” This move aligns with AMD’s strategy to release new products annually, matching Nvidia’s pace.

AMD CEO Lisa Su emphasized that AI is the company’s top priority, leveraging all development capabilities to stay competitive. At the event, AMD also showcased its upcoming central processor units (CPUs), expected in the second half of 2024, and detailed new neural processing units (NPUs) for handling on-device AI tasks in AI PCs. Companies like HP and Lenovo plan to release devices incorporating these AI PC chips, which exceed Microsoft’s Copilot+ PC requirements.

Nvidia, maintaining its dominance with about 80% market share in AI semiconductors, introduced its next-generation AI chip platform, Rubin, set for a 2026 release, including GPUs, CPUs, and networking chips.


Both AMD and Nvidia saw their shares rise, with AMD up 1.4% and Nvidia up 3% before the bell on Monday. Despite AMD more than doubling in value since early 2023, it still lags behind Nvidia’s seven-fold increase. Investors remain keen on longer-term updates from chip firms to assess the sustainability of the growing AI market.


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