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Android 15 Developer Preview Introduces Satellite Integration

Google has released the second developer preview for Android 15, introducing highly anticipated support for satellite connectivity alongside various enhancements in contactless payments, multi-language recognition, volume consistency, and PDF interaction within apps. These beta releases serve as a testing ground for features expected to feature in the final public release scheduled later this year, with public beta versions likely available for testing between April and July.

The latest preview addresses user concerns and security issues, with a focus on improving app awareness regarding service availability during satellite connection usage. This preview marks the official confirmation of Android 15’s inclusion of satellite messaging, enabling preloaded RCS applications to utilize satellite connectivity for message sending and receiving.

Additionally, enhancements include screen recording detection for apps to notify users of activity recording, improved reliability of one-tap contactless payments via NFC, and refined multi-language audio recognition to prevent word dropping when switching languages. Developers will gain direct access to interaction methods for small cover screens on flip phones, while support for the CTA-2075 loudness standard aims to ensure consistent volume adjustment across content transitions.


Furthermore, substantial improvements to PDF features within apps are underway, with added support for password-protected files, annotations, form editing, searching, and selection with copy functionalities. These updates collectively aim to enhance user experience and functionality within the Android ecosystem.


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