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Apple Music Introduces Monthly Replay Experience

Apple Music has introduced a new version of its Replay feature, which provides users with insights into their monthly music habits in addition to their annual listening recap. Available through the website replay.music.apple.com, this feature can be accessed by logging in with an Apple ID. Apart from showcasing users’ top tracks, it also reveals their monthly listening time and notifies them when they reach specific milestones, such as total minutes played. Users can share their Replay insights with friends and family and revisit their monthly and yearly statistics through the app’s archive. However, these monthly stats are only accessible to users who listen to a considerable amount of music.

This move is likely a response to Spotify Wrapped, which debuted several new features in 2023, including an AI DJ and personalized city-based recommendations. The competition between the two streaming platforms remains fierce, with each continuously innovating to provide users with a more personalized and engaging music experience.

Furthermore, Apple Music has also released its Replay Mix playlist for 2024, which offers a personalized selection of the user’s top songs of the year. This playlist is updated weekly, allowing users to stay up to date with their musical preferences. With these new offerings, Apple Music aims to keep its users engaged and satisfied by providing them with unique insights into their music listening habits.


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