EU Forcing Apple to Switch to USB-C


The EU (European Union) authorizes a mandatory change to phone chargers, forcing Apple to adapt. A single connector for smartphones, tablets, and cameras will be introduced in the European Union by 2024. As we know, this will have a greater impact on Apple than its competitors. The European Parliament approved the new regulation on Tuesday.

By making USB C connectors used by Android-based smartphones the EU standard, the vote reinforces a previous agreement among EU institutions and compels Apple to switch the charging port for its iPhone and other devices.
Although Apple is anticipated to be one of the major European electronic device manufacturers most impacted. Analysts anticipate a potential benefit as it may persuade consumers to purchase the brand’s most recent items rather than those lacking USB C.

Additionally, Apple has already issued warnings stating that the plan will hold back innovation and result in a mound of electrical waste.


602 votes were in favor and 13 against the reform as votes were cast by lawmakers, who supported it with a wide margin. According to an estimate, customers will save roughly 250 million euros thanks to the single charge.

Although Apple began supporting USB C in their 2015 Macs, with the 12-inch MacBook. Apple is expected to extend this support to the iPhone 15, according to reports.

Personally, I think Apple should switch to USB-C for their iPhones. You get to travel with just one charger for most of your gadgets; and with USB C we might get to see fast charging on a whole different level. Let’s say 40W, and we might also get to see a faster data transfer rate on USB C.


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