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Google’s Bard AI Rebranding to Gemini

A leaked document on X indicates that Google is set to implement significant changes to its Bard AI tool this week, although these plans have not been publicly confirmed. The alleged modifications include rebranding Bard as Gemini, aligning with Google’s introduction of the Gemini multimodal AI model in late 2023. This model has already found integration into various Google products, including Bard, making the rumored rebranding a logical step for simplicity. The leaked changelog, dated February 7, outlines several updates, notably the introduction of the paid Gemini Advanced tier.

The Gemini Advanced tier is expected to provide users with access to the more potent Ultra 1.0 model of Gemini, capable of handling highly complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, nuanced instruction following, and creative collaboration. Initially available in over 150 countries, this upgraded tier is optimized for the English language. The changelog also hints at the imminent release of a Gemini app for Android, adding another dimension to its accessibility. Furthermore, the update is said to expand Gemini’s availability to Canada, broadening its geographical reach. Despite the detailed information provided in the leak, Google has not officially confirmed these changes or their specifics.


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