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IGTV Discontinued.

Instagram has stated that it would no longer maintain the separate IGTV app, instead focusing on keeping all video in the main Instagram app.

By 2020, Instagram has admitted that IGTV wasn’t gaining much popularity. The next year, the firm attempted again, renaming it Instagram TV. That failed as well, and Instagram said this week that it will no longer support the app.

Instagram says it’s getting rid of the standalone IGTV app as part of its “efforts to make video as simple to discover and produce as possible,” according to the article. Instagram is also working on a consistent way to share different types of videos, according to the post. Any videos in the main app will have a full-screen viewer and tap-to-mute.


With the launch of a “new ad experience” later this year, producers will have more ad revenue possibilities. In-stream adverts that interrupt videos longer than one minute are also on their way out, according to Instagram.

Because you can’t incorporate mid- or pre-roll adverts into 30-second video, short-form content is wonderful for engagement, but it’s challenging to monetize effectively. That’s why YouTube is promoting its own short-form video format, ‘Shorts,’ as a secondary channel to assist producers expand their main content stream, and TikTok is looking to add lengthier clips.

Additional investment in Reels makes sense, particularly as Instagram moves closer to its stated aim of becoming a real one-stop social media and entertainment destination.


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