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iOS 15.5:Brings Updates to Podcasts and More.

iOS 15.5 is now out, and based on the improvements in this release; Apple appears to be ready to move on to iOS 16.

The new update, which is now broadly available to the public following a beta testing phase, focuses on under-the-hood modifications with few user-facing improvements. That’s in stark contrast to earlier iOS 15 releases, which brought a slew of new features. As an example, the most recent major update to Apple’s phone software, iOS 15.4, includes the option to perform Face ID while wearing a mask as well as a new Siri voice.

Despite this, iOS 15.5 promises a few significant changes. Here’s a quick rundown of the new features.


Easier payment methods for Apple Pay Cash in Wallets

Sending money to friends and family with Apple Pay Cash is a simple. Apple has added Request and Send buttons to the Wallet app in iOS 15.5; making it much easier to request or send cash using Apple Pay Cash from within the app. If you tap either, you’ll be requested to choose a sender/recipient, after which you can enter a sum.

Storage Management

Listeners of podcasts who are running out of storage space on their iPhones will appreciate an upgrade to Apple’s built-in Podcasts app for iOS 15.5. You may now choose how many episodes of any show to retain on your iPhone at any one moment. Older episodes will be immediately erased from your phone as part of the update, in order to manage storage space.

Other iOS 15.5 Changes.

Other reported changes in iOS 15.5 are minor or simply Apple cleaning up the code. The most important of them is focused at app developers who wish to offer subscriptions outside of the App Store, rather than users. These app developers can now provide links to external websites where customers can create or manage subscriptions in iOS 15.5. The functionality appears to be geared at newspapers, books, radio, music, and video services; and appears to be a means for Apple and its closed environment to avoid regulatory scrutiny.

How to get iOS 15.5

If you aren’t a part of the iOS public beta and already have the software update installed; getting iOS 15.5 is as simple as navigating to Settings, pressing General, and selecting Software Update. You should be able to get the latest version from there. There is also a link on another walk around to update your smartphone through cellular if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi connection.


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