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Luma AI’s Video Generator Draws Huge Crowds

Excitement surged on Wednesday as eager AI enthusiasts overwhelmed Luma AI’s website to access their new free, high-definition AI video generator, Dream Machine. Here’s why everyone is buzzing:

  • High-Quality Video: Dream Machine promises video generation up to 120 frames per second for up to 120 seconds.
  • Positive Reception: Early examples shared online have impressed users.
  • Massive Demand: The influx of users led to long wait times, with waits extending for several hours initially.

Key Points:

Barkley Dai, Luma’s head of product and growth, addressed the issue on Discord, assuring users that their videos are in the queue and capacity is being increased. By Thursday morning, the wait time had improved to just over one minute. Luma AI had previously reached out to prominent AI video creators, allowing them to share their early experiences, which were generally positive.



Users can create five-second videos in a few minutes using text prompts. The free tier allows up to 30 video clips per month. Paid tiers are available, with the highest tier allowing up to 2,000 videos per month for $499.

Competition: Dream Machine joins a crowded field of AI video generators, including Google’s Lumiere, Runway, Pika, and Kling from China’s Kuaishou, all vying to compete with OpenAI’s Sora.

Try Dream Machine yourself at the Luma AI website.


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