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Tech Outlook 2024: Trends in AI, Sustainability, and Connectivity

Tech predictions for 2024 highlight key trends shaping the industry. Generative AI is anticipated to shift towards smaller, cost-efficient models, broadening accessibility. This move will allow organizations to deploy generative AI on devices with limited processing capabilities, like laptops or smartphones, making the technology more versatile. The trend is expected to include knowledge graphs to enhance accuracy, enabling organizations to build specific-use cases more efficiently.

AI is foreseen to play a pivotal role in supporting and teaching coders new skills. Werner Vogels, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer, predicts AI contributing to code reviews, product strategy, and blurring traditional role boundaries. The goal is not to replace human creativity but to unburden coders from routine tasks, allowing them to focus on innovative work that drives advancements.

The average lifespan of iPhones is expected to increase to eight years by 2024. This shift is influenced by the maturity of smartphone technology and environmental considerations. Analysts project that over half of the 1.3 billion iPhones currently in use are second-hand devices, signaling a decrease in the urgency to upgrade and a willingness to retain mobile devices for more extended periods.


Sustainability becomes a critical factor in technology, with Gartner predicting that 25% of CIOs will have their personal compensation tied to sustainable technology impact by 2027. This emphasizes the growing importance of environmentally friendly practices in the tech industry.

Satellite-powered services are poised to impact IoT devices and smartphones significantly. As private companies disrupt the space industry by operating in Low Earth Orbit, new opportunities emerge. The increase in satellite constellations will lead to more IoT devices using satellite bandwidth, expanding connectivity beyond metropolitan areas. Major players like Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung are expected to collaborate with satellite providers to offer enhanced services.

In summary, 2024 promises a shift towards accessible generative AI, AI-supported skill development for coders, prolonged iPhone lifespans, an emphasis on sustainable technology, and the widespread impact of satellite-powered services on connectivity.


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