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How To Earn Legitimate Money Online As A Newbie

Are you thinking of ways to make money online from the comfort of your bed and it’s giving you a hard time?

Well there are thousands of legitimate things you could do online to get the bag. You just have to pick the one that strikes your interest.
All you’ll need is your smartphone/laptop and internet connection.
The shocking part of it is that you need little or no skill.

Here are few way to make money online:

  1. Start up a YouTube Channel.
  2. Create a website.
  3. Review websites and apps.
  4. Become an influencer.
  5. Offer web development services.
  6. Write articles Online.
  7. Sell photos online.
  8. Trading Financial Markets.

1. Start Up A YouTube Channel

Yes, it’s completely free to open a YouTube channel and very easy too. It gets exciting to create content because you can decide to upload absolutely anything there, of course without violating their rules. I know you might say you aren’t the camera type of person but guess what, you don’t need to show your face!
Do what you’re passionate about. Is it cooking, drawing, cracking people up or you know how to do a cool thing? Just put it up there and you’ll generate cool money from Ads revenue.

2. Create A Website.

You can create a website and promote it effectively on social media. This is very lucrative. Monetize your website with Ad Networks like Google Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine and lots more with just your phone and internet access.

3. Review Websites And Apps.

Some companies offer people payment or free products to leave testimonies on their sites while others pay for people to test out the quality, efficiency and functionality of their websites. And you don’t have to pay any signup fee, you’re actually doing them a favor

You can join the below companies to get you started:

Testbirds for mobile app, digital products and store testing.
Usertesting for websites, user experience and apps.
TryMyUI for survey-based testing and impressions.

4. Become An Influencer

You can wake up any day and decide to be a social media influencer maybe because you feel you have audience.
All you need to do is have active audience and then reach out to clients. Depending on how your audience is, some brands reach out to you first for adverts or sign you up as their brand ambassador and you’ll have lots of money, fame and sometimes free products. You can get started by downloading TikTok or instagram, whichever you prefer.

5. Offer Web Development Services.

If you are vast in programming or coding, you might as well want to offer those services for high commission.

6. Write Articles Online

If you are passionate about writing or you’re a good writer then don’t let that talent go down the drain. A lot of websites and blog owners are searching for people to help them out cos not everyone has that gift. Be their publisher and earn handsomely.

7. Sell Photos Online.

You’re probably one of those obsessed with taking pictures of themselves, the sky, oceans, birds, trees, pets, anything!
Sell them to stock agencies to earn some money. You’ll have a commission every time someone downloads that photograph- either a fixed amount or a percentage determined by the stock image site. And the best part is that any image you sell can be sold again and again. Although, some website might require you to make the photos exclusive to their platform.

Best websites to sell your photos:

To earn online you have to be determined, put in the work, be consistent and also patient.
As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of ways to earn money legitimately as a newbie. Go for what strikes your interest and what you’re passionate about.
Passion is the best drive and motivation.

8. Trading Financial Market

You’ve probably heard about forex, crypto trading, while a lot of people shy away from this way of making money online, there are people who make insane amount of money trading the financial market everyday.

All you need to do is get the right knowledge and you will become profitable.

To get started with trading the financial market, you will first of all sign up with a broker that gives you access to trade the market from the comfort of your device.

The broker that we recommend is Deriv, Click here to sign up.

We recommend you also read: How To Trade Forex/Synthetic Indices

You can also read a detailed way on how to make money on YouTube


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