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How To Make Money On YouTube

YouTube is one of the lucrative ways to make money. There are quite incredible things you can come up with to spice up your content creator life.

Opening a YouTube channel is as simple as filling in your basic details. However, it is even simpler when you already have an email account to automatically sign up with. Which afterwards you change your channel’s name if you wish to.

While your YouTube uploads being a lucrative way to make money, it is also important to set out unique creative and outstanding content.


Think of the right niche, something that is in high search or demand. Is it how to prepare a native soup? something related to academics or travel vlogs? or even something as flimsy as lame jokes! A lot of curious minds are out there and your contents to should feed their curiosities or even fuel it to watch more of your content. Do so in mind with the community guidelines and rules.

Once you have set up all these in place, the next step is to monetize your channel. You need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Ads will then be placed in your videos which will translate into monthly payments from Adsense.

However this is not in favor of new YouTubers or those having a tough time growing their channel. YouTube made it more easier by introducing YouTube shorts funds.

YouTube shorts funds is a program created to reward creators who put out creative shorts contributing to the YouTube community.

Once you apply for the YouTube partner program and get accepted, you’ll get paid monthly.
Surprisingly you may qualify to receive shorts bonuses as part of the YouTube shorts fund without even being in the YouTube partner program.

You can as well get paid when you partner with brands, promote their products or services in your videos. This method doesn’t only step up your money making game, you sometimes get gifted by brands you work with.

Just like every way of making money, you have to build the passion, be consistent and very creative. Enjoy while you earn.

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