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33 Things That Secretly Got Removed In Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite Chapter 5 has ushered in a wave of changes, including a fresh map and revamped mechanics. However, amidst the excitement, Epic Games has discreetly removed various features that might have gone unnoticed by many players. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the 33 elements quietly removed from the latest chapter, shedding light on the significant alterations that have taken place.

1. Missing Keys and Hollow Chests

Keys and hollow chests, once integral to the game, are conspicuously absent, resulting in the removal of exotic weapons. This substantial change has sparked discussions within the Fortnite community.

2. Healing Items Overhaul

Traditional healing items have been replaced with a new feature that allows players to patch up while walking. This modification has altered gameplay dynamics, with players still adapting to the change.


3. Movement Mechanics Revamped

Chapter 5 has brought a complete overhaul of movement mechanics, including a reduction in running speed. While animations are commendable, these adjustments have led to clunkier building fights, prompting Epic Games to address player concerns.

4. Missing Encounters

The highly anticipated encounters in Chapter 5 are notably absent, leaving players in suspense about their potential return.

5. Controversial Locker UI Changes

The new Locker UI has seen controversial changes, particularly in the removal of skin rarities from the icon, making it challenging for players to discern the rarity of outfits.

6. Ammo Box Changes

Ammo boxes no longer guarantee shield potions, impacting player strategies and resource management.

7. No Storyline Quests or Audio Logs

In an unexpected move, Fortnite has removed storyline quests and audio logs, focusing more on generic challenges and gameplay.

8. Faster Storm Circles

The speed of storm circles has been increased, making it challenging for players to linger in one location for an extended period.

9. Timber Pines Removed

Timber Pines, which added dynamic elements to the environment, have been entirely removed from the new map.

10. Removal of Daily Quests

Regular daily challenges have been disabled, replaced by a limited set of quests at the start of each match.

11. Reality Augments Disabled

Reality augments, which added unique perks to the game, have been temporarily disabled in Chapter 5.

12. Mud Removed

Despite its intricate design and detail, mud, a feature introduced in a previous season, has been entirely removed from Chapter 5 locations.

13. Moving Llamas Removed

The once-mobile llamas, a distinctive feature in Fortnite, have been added to the Vault, no longer moving around the map.

14. Vehicle Reduction

Several vehicles, including pickup sedans, semitrucks, and taxis, have been removed from the Joy Ride update, potentially due to the introduction of car customization.

15. Upgrade Benches Absent

Upgrade benches, previously used to enhance weapon rarities, are nowhere to be found in Chapter 5, likely due to the introduction of weapon mods.

16. Time Machine Missing

Despite Jonesy’s safe arrival, the time machine, anticipated as a key element, is missing from Chapter 5, leaving players wondering about its whereabouts.

17. Rocket Vehicle Vanished

The rocket vehicle, previously tied to the time machine, has disappeared, affecting players’ ability to navigate the map swiftly.

18. Geyser Removal

Geyser-like natural launchpads, which provided excellent mobility, are absent from the new island, limiting players’ options for quick movement.

19. Traps No Longer Available

Launchpads, cozy campfires, and spike traps, once essential items, have been removed from the game, impacting players’ strategies.

20. Hiding Spots Removed

Players can no longer camp inside dumpsters or porta-potties, as hiding spots have been removed, forcing alternative strategies for reaching the endgame.

21. Supply Drops Replaced

After a brief return, supply drops have once again been replaced by combat caches, altering the distribution of valuable loot across the map.

22. Scar and Pump Shotgun Removal

The iconic SCAR and pump shotgun, recently reintroduced, have been replaced by a fake SCAR (Striker AR), with the pump shotgun entirely removed.

23. Slurp Juice Changes

Slurp juice, once a powerful consumable, has undergone changes, and its absence has been noted. The absence of these potent healing items has impacted player strategies.

24. Chapter 4 Chapter Markers Removed

Chapter markers, which allowed players to mark areas for chests and enemies, have been removed from all Fortilla Wi locations.

25. Daily Quest Changes

Urgent quests have been entirely removed, altering the way players earn bonus XP and extending the time required to complete daily challenges.

26. Rocket Ammo and Explosive Vaulting

Explosives, including rocket ammo, have been vaulted, altering the dynamics of battles and reducing the prevalence of explosive weaponry.

27. Special Jungle Plants Removed

Special jungle plants, offering various effects, including jump boosts and slurp effects, have been removed, changing the landscape of environmental interactions.

28. Med Mist Removal

The Med Mist, once a unique item allowing healing on the go, has been removed, rendering it obsolete in the new Chapter.

29. Rank Rewards Changes

Rank rewards have undergone changes, with the removal of easy quests for each match played and the introduction of survival-based challenges up to a total of 99 storm circles survived.

30. Zero Build Porta Bunker Absent

The absence of porta bunkers in zero-build gameplay has left players with limited cover options, making survival more challenging.

31. Explosive Changes

Explosives, including RPGs, quads, and grenade launchers, have been adjusted to address concerns about their overpowered nature.

32. Rocket Ammo Patched Out

Rocket ammo, which made a brief appearance in the first few days of the season, has been patched out, eliminating all explosives from Chapter 5.

33. Free Item Collection Change

Changes to rank rewards have impacted free item collection, requiring players to survive numerous storm circles for bonus XP.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has witnessed a multitude of changes, with Epic Games actively adjusting features to maintain a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. As players explore the new chapter, the absence of these 33 features may shape the evolving meta and strategies within the Fortnite community. Keep an eye out for further developments as the season progresses.



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