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How to Gain Weight Effectively

Why You Don’t Gain Weight

When you don’t gain weight, it simply means that your rate of catabolism(rate of breaking down of food) is higher than your rate of anabolism (building up of food). So it’s like you’re eating and your body is taking up so much energy to breakdown your food and then at the end of the day, you won’t have much energy to store or keep.

There are instances where lack of weight is caused by your gene. If both parents have the trait of slenderness, there’s a high chance for you to be slender/lean too.

Below are the ways you can build up your weight:

1. Eat More Often

The first step to every weight gain story is increased amount of food. Now I don’t mean you should force two bowls of food into your stomach when you clearly can’t. Forcing yourself to eat can make you uncomfortable and also make you feel nauseated. Eat more amount of food than your regular. Don’t only eat three times daily, you can eat sizable portions 5-6 times a day.


This will enable the body to have enough energy to breakdown the food as well as store some.

2. Eat Right

You shouldn’t only consider the size of food you eat, you should also pay consideration to the type of food you eat. Eating carbs always can’t make you gain weight. Carbohydrates are energy giving foods, Add more protein to your diet and many more nutrient-dense food like fruits, milk, meat, fish, vegetables, egg, nuts, peas, beans etc. Work on eating a balanced diet not just one class of food.

3. Supplements

A supplement can provide nutrients either extracted from food sources or that are synthetic in order to increase the quantity of your consumption. Taking supplements that will help build your appetite is one fast way to eat more.

One shouldn’t take supplements without prescription from a doctor or pharmacist. Example of Supplements include; Apetamin, becombion, multivitamins.

4. Eat Between Meals

Eat between your major meals, eat what you crave for, eat that treat. Anything to make your mouth busy, it can be junks, cookies, chocolate, yoghurt, cake, anything.

5. Avoid Drinking Water Before Eating

It’s essential to avoid drinking water before or during eating because it can either make you to loose appetite or it’ll feel up your stomach. Make sure you eat well and drink water after eating or when necessary.

6. Exercise

Exercise helps you to build your muscles there by increasing your weight. When you exercise, your muscles become bigger, this changes your appearance from looking thin to having more flesh. After a strenuous exercise, you’ll be exhausted and famished, exercise stimulates your appetite.

7. Smoothie and Salads

Build up your Calories by drinking a mix of blended nutritional fruits and milk. This doesn’t only build up your appetite but also have you wanting to take more of what your body craves. You can also try taking fruit salad which a mix of tropical fruits with nuts and condensed milk if you don’t want to take smoothies or shakes.

8. Have Good Sleep

Over time, muscle growth and strength are aided by sleep by increasing the pace at which muscles produce bloodstream levels of amino acids that help form protein.

Being slim is not bad for the health, being underweight is what is bad for the health. It takes time to gain weight, not just a few weeks. Long-term success can be difficult to achieve, but it can be done with persistence. It’s crucial to speak with a doctor or nutritionist if you’re having trouble gaining weight despite attempting all the discussed strategies. Your objective may be easier to achieve if you work with a dietician to implement dietary plans.


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