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How To Lose Weight Permanently

When you hear about natural weight loss, I’m sure starvation comes to your mind. A lot of people starve theirselves in the name of getting back in shape. This article will show you how to loose weight properly without attracting health issues.

Too much fat in the body is not good just because it doesn’t sit well in your eyes, too much fat is a door opener for many many health complications.

Below are the ways you can lose weight:


1. Eat Low Carb

The first step of shredding some pounds is reduction of carbohydrates intake. When you take carbohydrates or sugar, it is stored as glycogen in the body and excess glycogen is converted into a type of fat called triglycerides which is either deposited in the bloodstream or stored as body fat.

Try as much as possible to cut out your carb intake, this will enable your body to start making use of your stored fat resulting to weight loss.

2. Eat Protein

You’re probably wondering why you should eat protein when you’re planning to lose weight. Well, a reasonable amount of protein helps to retain your muscle mass and health while loosing calories.

While loosing weight, you have to take your health into consideration and also try not to deprive your body of what it needs. Protein also helps to make you feel full which will prevent you from over-eating.

Include proteins like meat/chicken(not red meat), shrimp, egg, milk, fish and beans(in consideration) into your meal.

3. More greens!!

Yep! Vegetables, they are packed with so many nutrients you can’t even think of. A vegetable or fruit can have more than three classes of food, So imagine a salad, splendid!

There are different ways to make your salad enjoyable- lettuce, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg and your salad cream. I’m sure you’re already salivating.

4. Heavy Breakfast

Do well to eat a heavy breakfast, this will keep you full till when you decide to eat lunch. Taking light breakfast increases the tendency of snacking which is not so good for someone who’s watching weight.

5. Say No To Junks

A lot of junks we eat are packed with calories or carb. Regardless of how small it looks like, snacking or eating junks nullifies your efforts in loosing weight.

6. Cyclic Fasting

This method is very effective when it comes to loosing weight. It is the scheduling of your meal timing.

There are different ways you can schedule your eating:
• Choosing days to fast and eating normally on days you’re not fasting.
• Eating very early in the morning then fasting for 13-14 hours before eating again. The method is the more effective because while fasting, your body makes use of the stored fat which means burning down of calories.

7. Exercise

Engaging in exercise helps burn calories, if you’re not strong enough for strenuous exercises like weight lifting, you can try jogging, walking, cycling or swimming. This helps to prevent your body metabolism from slowing down which is a side effect of loosing weight.

It is essential to watch what you eat while doing so and cut your intake of alcohol as it contains a very high amount of sugar.

8. Sleep more

Studies found that a hormone called Gherlin instructs your body to eat when you’re sleep-deprived. This is the reason why you always feel hungry when you keep late nights. Adequate amount of sleep allows the body to produce a hormone called Leptin which tells the body to stop eating. Eating late also has a high tendency of making you have belly fat because when you eat late, the body won’t have enough time to properly digest the food since the body system works slower while we are asleep. So it’s best to sleep more.

Loosing weight is not an overnight scheme. One need to be consistent and patient while doing so.


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