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How To Stop The Feeling Of Nausea

Feeling nauseated isn’t a nice feeling. It often comes with discomfort. Few things that may trigger this feeling include perceiving an odour, pregnancy or digestive conditions.

This article will discuss the things you can do to help you with the discomfort or stop the feeling of wanting to throw up.

1. Deep Breaths

The first thing you should do if you feel like throwing up is to take deep breaths at intervals. This will help calm you and distract you thinking about throwing up.


2. Stand Up

If you were laying down, you should sit up right and if you were sitting, try getting up. Gastric juices may rise when you lay flat on your back, increasing nauseousness and discomfort generally.

3. Fresh Air

Your feeling of nausea might be triggered by something you perceived. Consider changing your location to somewhere more ventilated or stay in front of a fan and take in deep breaths.

4. Distract Yourself

It is said the more you think of something, the more it stimulates the brain. Avoid thinking about how you’re feeling to distract your brain. You can either watch a tv or even take a walk. Anything!

5. Ginger

It has been found that ginger can help minimize the feeling of nausea ranging from mild to moderate feeling.

Cut a piece of fresh ginger and chew. You can choose to make ginger tea with shredded fresh ginger. This will provide an almost instant relief.

6. Stop Eating

If you were eating when you started feeling nauseated, pause eating, get up and take cold water. Once you start feeling relief, you can resuming eating but at a slower pace.

Rushing your food can make you feel a wave of discomfort.

You can combine any of the two or more listed above to help you feel more comfortable and prevent you from vomiting.


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