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Why You Keep Having Stubborn Acne

Acne is caused by the clogging of skin pores. The human skin has tiny pores which houses the hair follicle- the root of hair.

Sebaceous glands which are located close to the hair follicles helps to moisturize the skin and hair by producing a substance called Sebum.

If you notice, people with oily skin are likely to have more acne or pimple. Acne occurs when there’s mixing up of sebum and dead cells thereby clogging the skin pores. This causes a black or whitehead.


When the bacteria that lives on the skin contaminates this clogged holes, it can cause different types of acne:


Papules are small red tender bumps.


Pustules also known as pimples is a red tender bump with white pus at the tip.


Nodules are solid and painful lump under the skin.

Cystic Acne

Painful pus-filled lumps under the skin.

There are multiple reasons why you keep having reoccurring acne.

1. Hormones

hormones are the genesis of acne. It is a very normal thing to have acne when you’ve attained puberty. This is due to the production of a hormone called Androgen found in both male and females. Androgen plays a role in body development.

Girls usually have a flare up of acne before their period. This is due to production of hormones. This cause of acne doesn’t have a specific treatment. It is best you don’t touch or keep applying things, instead of helping, it worsen the case. Just try as much as possible not to pay heed to it. When the right time comes, it’ll all clear up.

2. Gene

According to one study, having acne in both of your parents increases your risk of developing more severe acne at a young age. Additionally, it was discovered that you are more likely to develop adult acne if one or both of your parents did.

3. Diet

Research found that eating carbohydrate-rich food has a very high tendency of worsening your acne. Foods rich in fats and oil can cause acne as quickly as hours after eating them.
One should take extra majors in knowing what they eat. You can keep treating your acne not knowing the cause is what you eat.

4. Hygiene

As much as you hear that hygiene doesn’t cause, it does contribute to worsening it. Remember, acne is caused when natural oil from the skin mixes up with dirt. Being unhygienic spikes the rate of worsening your acne.

I know this sounds almost impossible but constantly touching your face can help spread the acne.

5. Stress

studies show that a body being stressed can lead to acne breakouts. This also has to do with when you’ve not having enough sleep as you should. Do take some time off and give your body the rest it desires.

6. Cosmetics

Using of oil-based makeup(comedogenic) can clog up the hair pores especially when left on the face for long.

There are ways you can manage your acne outbreak.

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