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How To Manage Your Acne/Pimple

Do you know that acne isn’t only in faces? It can be located in place that produces high amount of oil like the upper chest, back and sometimes shoulders. One thing you should know is that you can’t stop hormonal acne from showing up when you’re ready to flaunt your flawless skin at a gathering. However, there are things you can do not to worsen or spread it.

1. Don’t Pop It!

I know how irresistible it can be not to pop that zit but try to hold that urge. Popping that acne can contaminate other parts of the skin, this will also cause scarring. So which will you prefer? Having that acne for few weeks or bearing an almost permanent scar?

2. Change That Bedspread

You’ve been using a certain bedspread for a while without changing or washing it. You climb your bed, touch it with not so clean hands, dust settles on it and you probably drool on it while sleeping. All these create a room for bacteria which then come in contact with your face and then contaminating your skin pores thereby causing a widespread of acne.

You can also switch to sleeping on silk pillowcases and bedsheets. This is very friendly to the skin because they reduce friction and irritation of the skin and they absorb less moisture. Using Cotton beddings absorbs all the Sebum, dirt and dead cell there by worsening your acne.

3. Wash Your Face

Washing off excess oil, dirt and sweat daily can help prevent acne. But there’s a strong controversy that washing the face always can make your acne worse.

When you wash your face often, you’re depriving your face of the natural oil it produces. This makes the face to release more and more oil.

To wash your face properly;

• Use warm water(not hot)
• Apply a mild face wash or cleanser. Massage it with your hands in a circular motion.
• Rinse your face and gently dab it with a soft towel.
• Moisturize your face to lock in the moisture and to prevent germs from having direct contact to your pores.

4. Use the right products

Using the right products be it body cream, lotions, moisturizers, cleansers and spray is very essential. You have to know your skin type so as to use products that are not too harsh on your skin to prevent irritation.


Dry skin: feels flaky and tight when washed.
Oily skin: skin looks shiny moments after being washed.
Combination: You have both oily and dry areas. The oily areas are usually the T-zone; Your forehead, nose and sometimes chin.
Sensitive: Your skin reacts quickly to products and is prone to irritation or rashes.

People with oily skin are prone to high amount of acne, knowing your skin type makes it easy to know the right regimen to use.

When buying makeup products, always search for noncomedogenic products (oil- free products).

5. Avoid stress

Avoid stressing yourself because it can worsen your pimple/acne. Researchers found that wounds and acne heals slower when a person is under stress. Make sure you have adequate amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can weaken the body’s defense system, your immune system helps to defend your body/skin against infections or microbes. Do well to have a relatively good hours of sleep. Keep yourself hydrated always.

6. Medications

You can manage your acne by visiting a pharmacy for ointments or creams to help heal your acne. You should also know that overusing over-the-counter(OTC) can irritate the skin and dry out the skin.

If your acne is severe and painful, You should visit a dermatologist for the right drugs and treatment. You should also know that it takes a while for you to start seeing changes when you start the treatment.

A quick home remedy aid is to apply Ice on the spot, this will help reduce inflammation and redness.

7. Eat right

Eating a high fats containing food is the quickest way to have acne. You can develop an acne few hours after consumption. Research also found that eating foods containing a high percentage of carbohydrates can cause acne.

Foods like white bread, white rice, dairy products, margarine, mayonnaise, chocolate, vegetable oil etc. Watch the way you eat and eat in the right proportion to be healthy

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