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How To Stop Hiccups

Hiccups can be really annoying especially when it disrupts certain activities like conversing, eating or even drinking.

Hiccup is caused when your diaphragm uncontrollably jerk or spasm. The diaphragm is a thin wide muscle located beneath your lungs that separates the chest and abdomen. It also helps when you want to breathe.

Your vocal cords clamp shut as you inhale abruptly during that jerk, producing a well familiar hiccup sound.


There is no medically proven fast way to stop hiccups. However these are tested way to help you stop your hiccups

1. Hold Your Breath

Take two lungs full of air and hold your breath for 15-20 seconds and then slowly let it out. Repeat at intervals. This will help relax and train the diaphragm to stop jerking.

2. Drink Cold Water

Taking sips of cold water helps to trigger the vagal nerve which helps control involuntary actions. Since hiccups happen involuntarily, drinking cold water will help to stop it.

3. Hug Your Knees

Find a comfortable area to sit down. Your knees should be at your chest, and you should hold them there for a while. This will help stop the spasm in the diaphragm.

4. Inhale Into A Bag

Look for a bag be in plastic or paper bag, put it around your nose and mouth clamping it with your hands. Breathe in and out slowly at short intervals. If you are using a plastic bag, be careful so as to avoid suffocation.

5. Make Yourself Gag

Gently make yourself gag by inserting a clean finger into the back of your throat, you can option to using a clean cotton swab. Gagging helps to stimulate the vagal nerves and also helps distract you from the hiccup which will help stop it.

6. Sugar

Put a reasonable amount (not too much) of sugar or honey on your tongue. Wait for it to dissolve a bit and swallow. This stimulates the vagal nerves, the sugar or honey irritates your throat which in turn stops the hiccups.

7. Apply Pressure

Use your thumb to press the center of your palm. This is a pressure point and it can help stop your hiccup.

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