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Ways To Ease Constipation Quickly

Constipation simply means the inability or difficulty in passing out of stool. The causes of constipation varies from lack of bowel movement, food choice, stress or even unknown health issues.

Constipation can get really overwhelming when you spend so much time in the restroom straining just to let out all that discomfort.

Here are simple things you can do to help ease your constipation very fast.


1. Hydrate

One of the main causes of constipation is lack of regular bowel movement. This situation can be due to lack of fluid. It is very crucial to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluid. This will go straight to the digestive system and soften the stool and initiate bowel flow.

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2. Take Orange

Orange is known as a natural laxative and can be consumed as the fruit or juiced out, both method will do the magic.

Due to their high fiber content, oranges help to bulk up the stool and encourage bowel movements. A flavonol known as naringenin, which is abundant in this citrus fruit, provides instant relief from constipation. When experiencing stomach issues, Oranges are even safe to consume if you have digestive issues.

Orange also contains lots of alkaline minerals which are friendly to the digestive system.

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3. Drink Coffee

Research found that drinking caffeinated coffee while experiencing constipation tends to increase the urge to visit the restroom.

This is so because of coffee’s ability to stimulate movement of the digestive muscles.

Also, the little amount of soluble fibre found in coffee may also aid in the improvement of the gut bacterial balance and the prevention of constipation.

Drinking a cup of coffee is seen to be more effective than drinking water by 60%

4. Banana

Bananas are packed with soluble fibre and nutrients that help protects the gut lining.

Bananas When fully ripen are rich in fiber and can aid in reestablishing regular bowel movements, helping to treat constipation without the usage of laxatives.

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5. Ginger

Ginger accelerates the rate of digestion and emptying of stomach. This is helpful when constipation or indigestion is experienced. In the event that you’re constipated, ginger’s ability to relieve pressure on your lower intestines may assist you pass stool. A cup of of ginger tea will do the magic.

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