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Foods To Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

High bp or hypertension is a situation where the force of blood flow from the heart to the arteries is considered too high. This pressure damages the arteries and surrounded delicate tissues. The normal average blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg

When it comes to watching your blood pressure, avoiding too much salt in take isn’t the only precaution. There are foods that naturally regulates the blood pressure and should be included in your diet.

1. Fish

Fish are excellent source of Omega-3 fats, which offer considerable advantages for heart health, By lowering inflammation and the concentrations of substances that block blood vessels, these fats may help lower blood pressure levels. Examples include salmon, sardine, mackerel, bluefin tuna etc


2. Beans

Beans is said to be rich in fiber, nutrients and minerals that help to reduce and regulate the blood pressure as well as prevent some cardiac diseases.

3. Banana

Bananas contains potassium which has its natural way of relaxing the blood vessels and regulate blood pressure.

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4. Spinach

Nitrates are abundant in spinach. Additionally, it has a ton of antioxidants, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, making it a great option for those who have high blood pressure. It also helps the kidney to flush out sodium from the body which will drastically reduce the blood pressure. A research also found that spinach reduces arteries stiffness as well as promote heart health.

5. Fruits

Because carrot contains a lot of phenolic substances including chlorogenic, p-coumaric, and caffeic acids that relax blood vessels and reduce inflammation, eating raw carrots may help lower blood pressure levels.

Other fruits including tomatoes, pomegranate and citric fruits equally helps to regulate the blood pressure and heart health.

6. African Pear

African pears have mesocarp, a nutrient-rich layer that is encased around their tiny clustered seeds which lowers blood pressure and stroke risk. Because African pears and other fruits are high in potassium, which helps lower high blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke, it is wise to consider eating this fruit as an adult.

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