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What Happens To The Body After Drinking Too Much Water

There’s no such thing as ‘too much water’ the body needs water to functions properly. This article exposes the effect of water in the body.

This should make you drink more water after discovering the wonders it does to the health.

1. Helps Transport Oxygen

Drinking enough water helps the blood in transporting oxygen to the body cells. The blood contains 90% of water so being dehydrated can slow the movement of oxygen.


2. Clear Skin

Drinking water doesn’t only clear your skin, it also smoothen it and make it softer. Water hydrates the cells, keeps the skin glowing and fights against wrinkles or age lines.

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3. Regulates Blood Pressure

If you’ve been struggling with ways to lower your blood pressure then drinking enough water daily helps to keep it in check.

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4. Aids The Digestive System

Sufficient water in the body helps in the formation of saliva which makes the first step of digestion and breaking down of food easy. It also enhances smooth movement of bowel in the intestines which is a major way of lessening constipation.

5. Detox The System

When the body has enough water, you start to urinate more. This is the body’s way of getting rid of toxins. Water also helps in the formation of sweat which is a way of getting rid of salt and urea from the system.

6. Transport Nutrients

The blood which is the major transport medium in humans requires water to keep it flowing efficiently. The blood which contains 90% of water also contains minerals and nutrients which are transported round the body.

7. Protects The Kidney

Water makes the kidney work more efficiently in cleansing the body. When water isn’t enough, the body starts to develop kidney complications like kidney stone and other problems that can affect the whole system at whole.

8. Regulates The Body Temperature

When the body temperature is high, drinking enough water helps to lower it. On a sunny day, the body produces sweat which evaporates and cools the skin. If water isn’t sufficient, there wouldn’t be enough sweat produced.

9. Weight loss

Water contains no calories and it’s excellent for weight loss. Drinking adequate amount of water helps to reduce your appetite which will make you not over eat.

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