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Why You’re Not Getting Your Desired Breast Size

There are a lot of factors affecting the size of your breasts. While some are natural, others can be corrected. You should know that there’s no such thing as ‘ideal breasts size.’ Every shape and size is uniquely beautiful.

This article will discuss the factors that determine the size of your breasts

1. Genes

Your genes are responsible for everything you see in yourself. Both parents contribute to that gene. The female parent may have small breasts and the you as the child will grow up to have big ones. This is no sorcery, it’s simply because your male parent side possesses the trait of big breasts or your female parent has a recessive trait of big boobs which you picked.


So parents traits is also a determinant of what you see or have.

2. Menstrual Period

As a lady, you might notice your breasts become fuller and heavier some days before or during your monthly flow. This is very normal and it is as a result of the increased level of oestrogen– a female hormone which helps in the development of the feminine traits and many other functions.

However, this is not a permanent change on the size. It can last for up to a week.

3. Body weight

One of the elements influencing breast size is weight. Since fatty tissue makes up a portion of breast tissue, changes in weight will have an impact on the size of your breasts.

If you desire to have bigger breasts, you should think of working on your body weight.
Here are tips on: How to increase your weight easily.

4. Age

While you age, you keep on growing. In every life cycle, there’s a peak and decline. when you are growing , there’s a steady increase in the level of your hormones including oestrogen which helps to develop your features. When you’re approaching your menopausal stage, the oestrogen level begins to reduce which means you’ve attained a peak of development so there won’t be further growth of the named feature.

5. Pregnancy And Lactation

One of the signs of pregnancy is fuller breasts. This is due to one among the two female hormones called Progesterone. It prepares the body for a baby.

The body produces another hormone called Prolactin which helps develop the breasts tissues and stimulate milk production.

This is why you experience growth and fullness of the breast when lactating(breastfeeding)

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