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How To Have A Smooth Flawless Face

It’s really heart wrenching and overwhelming to know the exact thing your skin needs. It can be very time consuming and if you’re not lucky, trying out different products might destroy your flawless skin.

You should know that your face is prone to acne at a certain age. This is a normal natural phenomenon.

Most often we tend to freak out because of these outbreaks. However, it is important for you to know the root or reason for your acne, if it’s natural or not.


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This article explains the simple procedure you need to know in your journey of smooth face.

1. Wash Your Face

The first step to every skin journey is hygiene. Health.log.ng discussed about the importance and reason why you should wash your face often.

A clean face can help curb about 70% of outbreak. Washing the face at least 2-3 times daily will help get rid of all the dirt and bacteria that settled on your skin while you were going on about your daily activities. Avoid washing your face too much because this might do more harm than good to your skin health.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the act of removing deal skin cells from your face. This dead skin when allowed clogs your skin pores and prevent you from having that fresh and bright looking skin.

The result of clogging of the pores leads the acne which is a barrier in your smooth skin journey. You can get rid of those dead skin by using a facial scrub or exfoliating mask 2-3 times weekly.

It is important to know your skin type so as to help you navigate the right product which is not too mild or harsh for your skin.

3. Use Acne-regulating Products

You should know by now that there are different types of acne. While yours aren’t red and bumpy, others appear as black or whiteheads.

White or blackheads are build up of oil or sebum that clog your pores. We sometimes use our hands to extract those butter-looking blackheads, this can be tiring.

Nevertheless, you can regulate them on your face by using products containing retinoid. Once you have a skin free from acne and blackheads, it’s a stepping stone to having your dream skin.

4. Hydrate

Drink lots of water! It helps get rid of toxins as well as reducing wrinkles on your face.

You don’t want to have an acne free face that has wrinkles or age lines. Drinking water hydrated your skin, makes it look really soft and help maintain skin elasticity.

It also help minimize your scarring and also gets rid of sagged dry and flaky looking skin.

5. Moisturize

Wash your face with warm water, this will help open your skin pores. Apply a good moisturizer afterwards which will easily be absorbed by your skin because your pores are open.

Make sure to use noncomedogenic products that won’t clog your skin pores. It’s essential to know your skin type so as to use the right moisturizer and products in general.

Note that bathing or washing your face with cold water closes your pores which simply means all the good and healthy things you’re using on your face doesn’t really reaches its destination. Make use of warm water to help open the pores and sustain your glow.

6. Honey

The antibacterial effect of natural honey helps to cleans your skin. Honey is also found to possess moisturizing properties.

It works to eliminate impurities from pores, including debris that produces blackheads, deeply penetrates the skin, softens the skin’s layers, and give your face that glow and smoothness you crave.

7. Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen acts as a shield from sunburn and damages the ultraviolet rays poses on the skin. It helps prevent skin discoloration and dark spots that comes with the effect of sun rays.

The right sunscreen will improve your skin appearance, maintain your skin tone and texture as well as helping you get rid of age lines and wrinkles.

8. Sleep

Not having enough sleep can make your skin breakout, it also tells on your appearance by leaving you with eye bags, puffy eyes or dark lines underneath your eyes.

Do well to have enough of sleep and knowing the right way to de-stress your body. Sleeping well will make your feel refreshed and be active which has an impact on your looks.

Practicing these simple habits regularly will make you see a great significant change in your skin and body in whole. These practice will start showing result almost immediately or within days.

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