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Foods That Can Make You Conceive Twins

Some people love children and others get happy by the two adorable twins. If you’ve been trying to conceive twins and it seems almost impossible, here are some foods you need to add to your diet.

Just like genetics, the type of food you eat have a high percentage in making your wishes come true. Read through to find out how these foods stimulates the birth of twins or more.

1. Okra

Okra/ okro

Okra fruit is a very reliable way to increase your fertility. Drinking okra water or okra soup often tend to increase ovulation in women.


When okra is taken frequently, the woman hyper ovulates- a situation whereby the ovaries release more than one egg resulting to two or more babies at a go.

2. Spinach


Spinach is a good source of folic acid. Folic acid or folate encourages fetal growth and lowers the chance of birth abnormalities in babies. In a research, it’s found that consuming more folic acid when trying to conceive a child raises your chances of getting twins.

The good part of it is that a lot of food we eat contains folic acid. Examples include; egg, liver, beans, asparagus, beans, broccoli, african pear etc.

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3. Yam


Yams are abundant sources of phytoestrogens and progesterone which can cause hyper-ovulation and raise the likelihood of multiple births at a time.

4. Cassava


The brain may be tricked by the natural hormones in cassava into believing there is not enough oestrogen, which results in the brain’s naturally increasing the release of the gonadotropin hormone, which raises the ovulation rate.

5. Maca Root

Maca Root

Maca is a common cooking ingredient in Peruvian known for its vast health benefits. It is well known for boosting fertility by increasing the Oestrogen level in the body. This have come in handy for women wanting to conceive twins.

It’s advisable to consult your doctor before adding these foods in your diet to know the quantity your body might need. Nonetheless, they have no side effects when eaten normally.


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