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iOS 16: What are the New Features?

Apple has officially released iOS 16, the latest version of its operating system.This update brings functions, some of them already available in previous versions, which we are going to talk about in this article so that you can get the most out of your iPhone.

Edit messages in iMessage.

iOS 16 makes it possible for users to edit sent messages or undo them. However, they will only have a few seconds to decide if they want to delete the message or not.

Move items by dragging them.

Apple phones allow you to move an item from one app to another by dragging it. To do this, they just have to ‘hold’ what they want to move with one finger and slide another finger from left to right at the bottom of the screen. Next, they must move what they want to the chosen app.


Among the new features of iOS 16 is one that allows you to separate a specific element from the rest of the image by clicking on it. With this tool, backgrounds can be removed and even sent as stickers if they are dragged into a messaging app.

Scan documents from Notes.

You may instantly digitize text without downloading any additional software using the iOS Notes app, which comes pre-installed on iPhones. In order to take a photo of the text you want to scan, you must either keep your finger pressed within the program or click on the camera button that appears on the virtual keyboard.

Burst on Camera.

iPhone owners can use this feature by clicking the volume up button when using the camera. This tool allows users to take several snapshots in a single second, which is useful when there is movement, and they want to make sure that the capture turns out well.

Concentration Modes.

This feature was first seen in version 15 of the iOS operating system. It allows users to select if they are at a time when they do not want to be disturbed, resting, in their relaxation time, in their free time or at work . Thus, they only receive the ideal notifications depending on the context.

In addition, each state can be customized so that each concentration mode has a different lock screen and background; enabling you to differentiate them at a glance.

Mac Webcam

The iOS 16 operating system lets Mac owners use their Apple smartphones as webcams. They have to be connected to Mac Studio for video calls; and, thus, they don’t have to spend money on a webcam to have a quality image.

Another wonderful feature of iOS 16 is the fact that accessing the recently deleted and hidden folders now requires a face unlock.

So, with some of the iOS 16 features highlighted in this post; will you be updating to the latest version or sticking with iOS 15?


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