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How To Naturally Induce Labour At Home

Natural inducement of labour is the process of stimulating childbirth when it’s past the EDD (Expected Delivery Date). However there are women who induce birth before the expected date of delivery.

It is so far advisable to do it after 39weeks of being pregnant. This article will reveal the safest way to induce childbirth with the basic home regimen.

This process have been practiced and tested by many women.


1. Okra

Okra Water

Drink a glass of okra water everyday before your EDD is said to make your labour and delivery very easy.

It also smoothens vaginal delivery. Okra is known to have many health benefits. It contains folic acid which helps in the development of the growing baby in the womb.

Soak sliced okra for 24 hours. after then, seive out the slices and drink the water every morning on a empty stomach.

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2. Pineapple

Pineapple juice

Drinking freshly prepared pineapple juice softens the cervix and induces labour. It makes it easier and faster for the baby to come out.

Since pineapple is known for softening the cervix, one should avoid taking it during the first stages of pregnancy to avoid risks of miscarriage.

3. Dates


Dates contains vitamin B folate which prevents birth defects. It prevents weakness of the body. Additionally, dates have fatty acids that are both essential and superfluous, which can result in prostaglandins that are crucial for uterine contractions, cervix ripening, delivery process acceleration, and it contains hormones that prepared the stretching of the uterine. Take two-three dates a day will do the magic.

4. Honey


Although this is not highly advisable. Taking a spoonful of honey when you’re in the hospital and trying to push will come in handy. Honey stimulates uterine contraction. Avoid taking it too much so that there won’t be cases of over bleeding. Make sure you speak to your doctor before taking it.

5. Exercise

Taking long walks helps dilate the cervix. Since it aids in cervical effacement and dilation and enables the baby to fall into the pelvis, walking can also be employed as a method of exercise to start labour. You might find that walking helps to reduce some of your pregnancy and labor-related stress.


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