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5 Cool Stuff On The Google Search Bar.

Google’s search box; There are a lot of perks that are probably unknown to a lot of people, so today we’ll look at five wonderful things you can do with the Google search bar.

Flip A Coin

If you don’t have any cash and need to make a decision, type in “flip a coin” into Google and it will assist you.

Tip Calculator

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unsure how much to tip someone, the Google tip calculator can assist you.


Go to the Google search bar and type in “tip calculator”


Take a trip down memory lane with Pacman, a wonderfully entertaining and addictive game.

Go to Google and type in “pacman” in the search bar.

Google Timer

Do you require a timer? When you type Google Timer into your browser, a box will appear, allowing you to enter any period of time, such as 45 seconds. The countdown will begin with Google Timer, and when it hits zero, a beeping alert will sound. The Google timer can also be set to run in full screen mode.

Retro Google

If you want to see what the initial version of Google looked like back in the day, type “google in year” into the search box, for example “google in 1998.”


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