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Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot

Last year, the CEO of the electric car firm (Tesla) Elon Musk hinted that non-Tesla electric vehicles would be allowed to use the supercharge network.

The business began a test program that allows non-Tesla electric vehicles to utilize its charging network.

Tesla Car owners have been grumbling, particularly over lengthier wait times and crowded stations. But Elon Musk summed exactly why this is a smart move for the EV movement as a whole.


He stated, “Our purpose is to help the advent of sustainable energy.” “It’s not to build a walled garden and suffocate our rivals.”

Non-Tesla vehicles will require an adapter, which Tesla will provide at Supercharger locations.

Even if you’re travelling in a Nissan Leaf instead of a Tesla Model 3, it’ll be as simple as downloading the Tesla app and heading to a Tesla charger and plugging in.

Tesla is bringing a pilot program to France and Norway that allows non-Tesla owners to use the company’s Superchargers.

Back in November, Tesla offered ten of its charging stations in the Netherlands to non-Tesla EV owners. It was revealed on Monday that the pilot would be expanded to two more countries. Around 40 Supercharger stations are now part of the program.

More customers using the Supercharger network means faster expansion, which means both Tesla and non-Tesla drivers will be welcomed at every Supercharger across the world.


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