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DALL-E 2 Explained.

DALL-E 2 is an OpenAI AI system that converts basic text descriptions like; “An astronaut riding a horse” into lifelike visuals that have never existed before. DALL-E 2 can also edit and retouch images in a realistic manner.

It can fill in or replace part of an image with AI-generated imagery that blends in perfectly with the original based on a simple natural language description. It’s referred to as “in-painting.”

In January 2021, OpenAI introduced DALL-E, a system that could generate images from text, like this “Avocado Armchair.”; DALL-E 2 takes the technology even further with higher resolution , greater comprehension, and new capabilities like in-painting. It can even start with an image as an input and create variations with different angles and styles. DALL-E was created by training a neural network on images and their text descriptions.


It not only understands specific things, such as koala bears and motorcycles, but also learns from relationships between them, thanks to deep learning. When you ask DALL-E to build an image of a koala bear riding a motorcycle, it knows how to do it, as well as any other object or action with a relationship to another.

Three major findings emerged from the DALL-E research; To begin with, it can assist people in visually expressing themselves in ways they previously could not. Second, an AI-generated image might reveal a lot about whether the system understands us or is simply repeating what has been taught to it. It also assists humans in comprehending how sophisticated AI systems perceive and comprehend our reality.


DALL-E 2 has limitations because technology is always evolving. If DALL-E is taught with wrongly labeled items; such as a cat labeled “dog,” and a user attempts to generate a cat, It may generate a dog. It’s the equivalent of conversing with someone who doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Gaps in DALL-E’s training can also be a limitation.
For example, if you input “baboon” and DALL-E has learnt what a baboon is through photographs and correct labels; it will generate a large number of wonderful baboons. If you input “Talking Drum” and don’t know what a talking drum is, It will offer you its best guess.


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