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Apple’s Vision Pro: Apple’s First VR Headset

Apple debuted its Vision Pro mixed-reality goggles on February 2, marking the company’s inaugural venture into augmented and virtual reality headgear. Initially unveiled at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference last summer, the headset has generated significant anticipation and reportedly sold out after approximately 200,000 units were sold earlier this week. Positioned as Apple’s major product launch since the introduction of the Apple Watch several years ago, the Vision Pro enters the market amidst recent releases of smart glasses by competitors like Meta, Snapchat, and Microsoft.

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset designed to seamlessly integrate digital content with real-world environments, akin to offerings from Meta, Snapchat, and Microsoft. Praised by media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and The Verge, its standout feature is the “volumetric landscape” display, providing users with a remarkably immersive experience compared to other VR-enabled devices. The headset supports over 600 apps developed specifically for its features, offering innovative ways to browse the internet, take notes, and engage in text conversations. Notably, users can interact with 3D items as if they were physical objects, and the device has collaborated with companies like Disney, enabling immersive virtual environments based on popular movie franchises.

However, the Apple Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $3,499, making it the most expensive VR headset currently available. In contrast, competitors like Meta’s Headquest 3 and Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 are priced significantly lower. The headset will be available for purchase online and in stores from February 2, with pre-orders, which began on January 19, potentially arriving on the same day. Apple’s entry into the mixed-reality market adds a new dimension to its product lineup, intensifying competition in the growing augmented and virtual reality space.


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