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Top Tips to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Having grown up with subpar Android devices, I’ve spent considerable time perfecting ways to extend battery life. These tips apply to any Android device, whether it’s a Samsung, Google Pixel, or OnePlus, and won’t compromise your user experience.

  1. Turn Off Always-On Display:
    • Despite claims that this feature only uses 1-2% battery per hour, it often drains more. To disable it, go to Settings > Lock Screen > Always On Display and turn it off.
  2. Enable Adaptive Battery:
    • Adaptive Battery optimizes performance and efficiency by adjusting background activity. Enable it via Settings > Battery > Adaptive Preferences.
  3. Switch to Dark Mode:
    • Dark Mode saves battery on OLED screens by dimming or turning off pixels. Enable it in Settings > Display and select Dark Theme.
  4. Adjust Display Brightness and Sleep Time:
    • Lower your screen brightness from the quick settings menu and reduce screen timeout to less than a minute in Settings > Display > Screen Timeout.
  5. Remove Unused Accounts:
    • Old, unused accounts can drain battery by constantly refreshing. Remove them via Settings > Accounts (or Accounts and Backup/Passwords & Accounts on specific devices).
  6. Turn Off Keyboard Sounds and Haptics:
    • Disable these in Settings > Language and Input > Default Keyboard Settings > Preferences.
  7. Reduce Notifications:
    • Excessive notifications can drain battery. Limit them through Settings > Notifications > App Notifications and toggle off unnecessary alerts.
  8. Turn Off “Hey Google” Detection:
    • If you rarely use Google Assistant, disable its constant listening feature via the Google app > Profile Picture > Settings > Google Assistant > Hey Google & Voice Match.
  9. Reduce Screen Refresh Rate:
    • High refresh rates consume more battery. Adjust this in Settings > Display > Motion Smoothness (or similar setting).
  10. Turn Off Unused Wireless Features:
    • Disabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or location services when not in use can save battery. Toggle these off from the quick settings menu.

Bonus Tip: Use Low-Power Mode: Low-power mode can be a lifesaver when your battery is running low. Enable it through quick settings by tapping the battery icon.

By following these tips, you can significantly extend your Android phone’s battery life without sacrificing functionality. Whether you’re using an older device or a new flagship, these adjustments will help you get the most out of your battery.


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