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Google Settles Patent Infringement Case After Five-Year Legal Battle

Singular Computing, a hardware and software development company, has reached an undisclosed settlement with Google to end a five-year-long patent infringement case. The founder of Singular, Dr. Joseph Bates, had filed the civil case claiming that Google infringed on his patents related to computer architectures for artificial intelligence (AI) tool development and large language models (LLMs). According to Bates, his inventions were incorporated into Google’s Tensor Processing Unit devices, initially powering generative AI and smart chip features in Google Workspace. The settlement, made out of federal court in Massachusetts, has halted the trial that was expected to last weeks.

The dispute centered on Bates’ three relevant US patents, enabling low-precision calculations per processor cycle. Bates had sought damages in the range of $1.6 billion to $5.19 billion. Google had denied knowledge of Bates’ patents from the case’s outset, with a spokesperson stating that Google had always taken its disclosure obligations seriously. While the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, an internal email from Google scientist Jeff Dean, revealed in the case, described Bates’ inventions as “really well suited” for Google’s workloads. The settlement concludes the case with prejudice, making it highly unlikely for either party to refile the case in the near future.


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