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How To Erase/Clear Browser History On Chrome.

It’s understandable if you wish to keep your Google search history private or better still want to clear chrome history. Google has been in the data-security news a lot recently, and not necessarily in a positive light. People are becoming more aware of Google’s data practices, which include leaking products, leaking customer data, and even gathering personal information from users of Google apps.

Even if you don’t have an Android phone, you’re certainly using three or four of Google’s services on a daily basis, so the company has a lot of information on you. Even if you utilized the service offline, your data could include your work commute and shopping activities.

There are ways to wipe the Google history stored on your devices if you’ve been looking at anything you shouldn’t, doing things for work, or don’t want sites to extract your private information. We’ll talk about the simplest way to clear these histories in this post.


It is important to note that deleting/erasing search history removes it from your Google account and not just for specific devices. Therefore, deleting any history deletes it from all devices.

On your device, open Google Chrome and follow these steps:

  • Tap on the three dots that appear at the top of your Android screen. If you use an iPhone, it’s located at the bottom.
  • Now, tap “History.”
  • Next, select “Clear browsing data…” in the new window.
  • Confirm when finished.

Following the steps above, all of your Google history, including search history, disappears. As a result, double-check that you’ve saved any websites, data, or other personal information somewhere else.


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