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ID Buzz: Volkswagen Electric Bus

This is the Volkswagen ID buzz, and it’s here to stay. Volkswagen has a van, and it’s a huge one. This is due to the fact that the original Volkswagen bus is one of the most well-known automobiles of all time. Now that it’s been renovated, it’s time to get back to work electrified, and we’re going to talk about it today.

Vanagon Model.

So let’s talk about the ID buzz. Volkswagen is known for the original Volkswagen bus, which was an automotive icon in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the Vanagon model, which was sold throughout the 1980s, but after that, Volkswagen vans largely faded into obscurity;

Which is a shame because van life is so popular right now. Volkswagen practically invented the cool van segment and then lost it, but they’re back with the ID Buzz, an electric van that looks incredibly cool now.


Despite the fact that Volkswagen has presented numerous concept versions of a modern Volkswagen bus over the years, it appears that they are finally serious about producing this one, and it will go into production very soon.

Let’s go through the vehicle quickly. First and foremost, it’s long. Those older models were much more rounded in certain areas, particularly the front bumper and the rear roofline. Personally, I believe that this detracts a little from the friendliness of the previous models.


So, how much will it cost?
When forecasts were first made, it was estimated to cost roughly $40,000.
But, knowing what we now know about EV cars, we’ve been thinking more along the lines of $60,000. And that’s just being positive.

What do you get after you’ve waited so long and paid so much?

Inside The ID Buzz

Despite its strikingly vintage look, the Volkswagen ID Buzz’s interior is as modern as it comes.

Colored accenting adds character to the interior, and a dashboard insert adds even more elegance. Although it is made of wood, you will have various options to choose from.

Further Details

You’ll get a fully electric van with a battery pack hidden beneath the floor. And that’s how you get power to a rear-wheel-drive electric motor.

Now, the Volkswagen ID 4 and the ID Buzz have a lot in common. The electric compact crossover is what it’s called. They also share a structure known as MEB. It’s only that they extended it out for the ID Buzz to give it more room.

The battery pack for the ID 4 and the ID Buzz is the same, with a capacity of 77 kilowatt hours. They now share a single electric motor, which in both variants produces 201 horsepower; Dual-motor versions are expected to be approximately 300 hp in the future. The only thing we don’t know right now is the range. In other cases, those figures might translate to over 250 kilometers. Given the ID Buzz’s increased size and weight, it’s simply too early to speculate.


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