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iOS 15.4: A Slew of New Emojis and Features

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, the fourth major update to the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating systems, which were first released in September. iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 are major updates that give the iPhone and iPad a host of new features.


With the introduction of iOS 15.4, Apple has added a bunch of new emoji. Beans, melting face, heart hands, disco ball, X-Ray, and other new emoji are now available to users.

There are over 120 new options when accounting for different variations in the iOS 15.4 release, with over 40 new emojis.


The update adds seven new happy emojis, including the melting face, which has appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert and the New York Times front page. Apple has also added new gender-neutral emoji, including a troll, a biting lip, and a variety of skin tones.

These new emoji are also present in iPadOS 15.4, tvOS 15.4, watchOS 8.5, and macOS 12.3, in addition to iOS 15.4.

Face ID With Mask.

Face ID on the iPhone 12 and newer models can now be used even while wearing a mask, according to an update from Apple. It requires you to be more specific about the angle you’re holding your phone at because it uses a smaller piece of your face to authenticate your identity. If your phone requires you to look at the screen more closely, it will alert you. People who use glasses should be able to use the upgraded feature, but it will not operate with sunglasses.


AirTags, which have been in the spotlight amid stories of the devices being used to stalk people, will also receive new safety-focused improvements as part of the operating system update.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS now places emergency calls by default using the Call with Hold feature. To make an emergency call, hold the side and volume buttons together until a countdown begins. The iPhone will then dial 911 for assistance.

Other Features.

SharePlay also received some changes, allowing some apps to initiate SharePlay calls directly from the app; rather than having to first initiate a SharePlay call and then launch the app. Developers will need to upgrade their apps as a result, so expect this feature to become available over time.

Another new feature in the update is the ability to use the camera to copy text from objects; While in the Notes or Reminders applications.


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