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Mozilla’s Data Broker Monitoring: Protecting Personal Info

Mozilla is introducing a new tool designed to automatically monitor data brokers for any exposure of personal information and remove any compromised details. Building upon the Mozilla Monitor service, now known as Mozilla Monitor Plus, which notifies users if their email addresses are involved in data breaches, this enhanced service is offered at $9 per month or $107.88 annually. The aim is to proactively safeguard personal data from over 190 data broker sites, doubling the coverage of competitors, and subscribers will also receive alerts about data breaches.

To gauge the extent of the issue, individuals can opt for a complimentary one-time scan to identify if and where their data has been compromised. This requires signing up for a Mozilla account and providing minimal personal details such as name, city, state, date of birth, and email address, all of which Mozilla assures will be encrypted for privacy. The tool not only identifies information exposed in “high-risk data breaches,” like social security numbers and financial data, but also offers guidance on how to remove such data.

Mozilla Monitor and Monitor Plus are presently accessible only to US residents, while a similar tool is offered by Google. Subscribers to Mozilla’s service also gain access to additional features such as two-factor authentication, the email alias tool Firefox Relay, and the Mozilla VPN. This initiative underscores Mozilla’s commitment to empowering users to protect their online privacy and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches, offering proactive measures to safeguard personal information in an increasingly digitized world.


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