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iOS 16.1: What’s New?

iOS 16.1: What’s New?

iOS 16.1 is finally out to the public, but what does it hold for us? What’s new? Is the update worth the size? If you were able to update to IOS 16, this is pretty much easy to go about. Navigate to your settings, go to your software updates, and check for updates.

This particular update could be large depending on which update you are coming from, but once you install the update you will have some amazing features.

Battery Percentage.

This was one of the highlights of iOS 16, but it was missing in some devices such as the iPhone Xr, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and 13 mini, but now we have this feature on these devices thanks to iOS 16.1. To enable it, go to battery settings and turn on battery percentage. And there you have it, the battery percentage on the top right of your device.


There is also a new feature called “clean energy charging.” It is important to note that this is not available in all regions. It says in your region iPhone will try to reduce your carbon footprint by selectively charging when lower carbon emission electricity is available. So that’s something new they’ve added.

iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Basically, this feature makes it easier to share your photos with family, friends, or people you are close to. Going beyond the shared album we all know; this allows you to share your entire library or a part of it and also directly from your camera.

Live Activities.

Live activities are something we have been waiting for a long time, and it is now available in iOS 16. it is one way to customize your lock screen, and it helps you stay on top of things like game live scores, ride share status, or food order status in real time.

One of the beauties of Live Activities in iOS 16.1 is that you can quickly glance at the information without needing to unlock your iPhone.

Screenshot UI.

There is also a noticeable change in the screenshot UI. On IOS 16, after closing the screenshot editing tool, you get this menu at the bottom to delete a screenshot, copy and delete it, or save it. iOS 16.1 brings a new screenshot UI wherein these buttons appear in the upper left corner just below the “Done” button, which I feel is better because it is not all over your face and doesn’t take over the bottom display.

Changes to the Dynamic Island.

There has been a slight change to the dynamic island. On iOS 16, if you have a dark wallpaper set, it completely blacks out the dynamic island, and you don’t get to see it, so Apple has updated that with iOS 16.1 such that If you open an app, will now have an outline that sort of matches the color of the app.

Apple Fitness+.

In some cases where you don’t want to wear the Apple Watch or you probably don’t own an Apple Watch, the Apple Fitness+ is still being made available. All you have to do is subscribe right on the phone and use all of the different workouts directly from the phone. This allows you to use it not only on your iPhone but your iPad or Apple TV.

Wallet Key Sharing.

Apple has also made key sharing available. You can use messaging apps like WhatsApp or iMessage to share that key with someone else so they may use it as well. You can share a car key, a hotel room key, and other keys and wallets this way.

In addition to these new features, the iOS 16.1 update includes some notable bug fixes. 


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