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Pixel 7: is it the best Phone of 2022?

Pixel 7: is it the best phone of 2022?

Okay, the Pixel 7 has been available for roughly a month now, and I think they are in contention as one of the best phones of 2022, if not the best, considering what it brings to the table and its price.

Now, does that mean it’s the absolute best? No, not necessarily, but I believe it’s the best phone for the majority of people, and I believe that’s an important conversation to have because some people will say, “Oh, the Z fold 4 is the best because it brings the best of everything: the Snapdragon 820 generation 1, 5G, so it’s the best, right?”

Not necessarily, and not everyone wants a foldable phone, and not everyone wants a $1799 phone, so even if it were the best, the price would probably be out of most people’s budgets by about 90 percent.


Then there is the Samsung S22 Ultra, which is also one of the best phones of 2022 if you consider the hardware, the user experience, the cameras, and pretty much every other benchmark. However, at $1199, this phone is out of most people’s price range, and it also has a large 6.8-inch screen, which I believe is a larger phone than most people want. Aside from screen size, many people dislike curved edge displays as well as AMOLED displays. But if you average everything out, I think the S22 is one of the best phones out there. I won’t take that away from Samsung.

Pricing and Performance.

Why I think the Pixel 7 is one of the best phones of 2022 is that it provides the best performance and value for the money and is very affordable at $499, which is excellent compared to the S22 Ultra, which is at $1199, and the iPhone 14 at $799.

The iPhone 14 is a good phone. I object to the fact that the 13 Pro processor from the previous year is being used again, in addition to the fact that the screen still only has a 60 hertz refresh rate, but that is a topic for another discussion. So, the Pixel 7’s premium level features include a wonderful 6.3-inch AMOLED display with excellent brightness, long battery life, and, in my opinion, the best camera you can purchase for a primary shooter.

The fingerprint sensor is significantly improved, and it has facial recognition technology, which is also fast, so at $499, you’re getting three years of operating system updates and five years of security patches, so when you look at value, we’re talking about five years of support.

When you look at performance, you have the Google Tensor G2 CPU. You can even play AAA titles on this device. It’s even got stereo speakers. It would’ve been nice if it had better charging. It does have a 30 watt charging, which is slow compared to other flagships, but overall, it beats all the competition, and they still kept it at $599 even with all the supply chain issues and stuff going on globally like inflation and part prices going up. They didn’t raise the price, and it came out a month ago, and they’ve already dropped the price to $499 for like the last week or so, which has been exceptional.


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