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Pixel Scrolling Fix Coming in Android 15

Many Pixel phone users know the struggle: your finger glides on the screen, but the content jumps and stutters instead of scrolling smoothly. Annoying, right? Well, there’s good news!

Google admits there’s a problem and says they’ve fixed it! The fix will be included in the next major Android update, most likely Android 15. This isn’t the first time Pixel users faced choppy scrolling – it happened with the Pixel 7 too, but Google fixed it later.

Here’s the catch: the final version of Android 15 isn’t here yet. It’s still under development, so Pixel users might have to wait a bit longer for the smoother scrolling experience.


But there’s more good news! Google is working on making the entire phone system run faster and use less battery in the next update. This could mean a smoother experience overall, not just for scrolling. So, hang in there, Pixel users! The future might be scroll-lag-free!


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