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Apple Unveils ‘Develop in Swift Tutorials’ for WWDC 2024

Get ready, WWDC 2024! Apple just unveiled a brand new webpage packed with tutorials designed to jumpstart your journey into app development with Xcode, Swift, and SwiftUI. Buckle up, aspiring coders – “Develop in Swift Tutorials” is here to guide you from download to your first app creation!

“We’re thrilled to announce a fresh set of tutorials for anyone taking their first dive into coding with Swift and SwiftUI,” shared Tim Sneath, Apple’s head honcho of developer tools marketing. “No prior experience needed – these tutorials are your perfect launchpad!”

That’s right, according to Apple, these tutorials are built for everyone, newbies included. Step-by-step guides walk you through downloading and installing Xcode, crafting a brand new project, and even building a basic app. Feeling adventurous? Apple absolutely encourages you to tinker with the code and see what unique creations you can cook up! “The text and colors are just suggestions,” their webpage reads. “Don’t be shy – make it your own!”


The tutorials themselves are neatly organized into chapters covering all the essentials: exploring Xcode, building blocks for your app’s design with views, structures, and properties, making your app visually stunning with layout and style, adding interactivity with buttons and state, and user input made easy with lists and text fields. And that’s not all! Dive deeper into data modeling and even discover dedicated chapters for crafting visionOS apps.

Ready to unleash your inner developer? Head over to the Apple Developer portal and check out the all-new “Develop in Swift Tutorials” webpage! Let the coding adventure begin!


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