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What to Do with Windows 10 PCs When Support Ends in 2025

Many Windows 10 PCs can’t be upgraded to Windows 11 due to hardware limitations. Canalys Insights estimates 240 million such PCs, while Lansweeper suggests the number could be as high as 400 million. With Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, users must decide what to do next.

  1. Force Windows 11 Installation:
    • Users can bypass Windows 11’s system requirements using tools like Rufus, although this might risk system instability and is not officially supported by Microsoft.
  2. Switch to Linux:
    • Linux offers a user-friendly alternative that supports older hardware. Contrary to the myth of being difficult, modern Linux distributions are easy to install and use, making them a viable, cost-free option to keep older PCs running efficiently.
  3. Move to ChromeOS:
    • ChromeOS Flex can be installed on most PCs from the last decade, converting them into fast, secure devices. It’s a straightforward process, and ChromeOS provides a familiar interface for those comfortable with web browsers.
  4. Pay for Windows 10 Extended Support:
    • Microsoft offers Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for Windows 10, with costs escalating each year ($61-$244 per device for businesses, $1-$4 for education). This option provides essential security updates but no new features or enhancements.
  5. Consider Alternative Security Patching:
    • Companies like 0Patch offer patches for outdated operating systems. They are expected to support Windows 10 for about $25 a year, providing a more affordable option for maintaining security without upgrading the entire OS.

Continuing to use Windows 10 without updates is not advisable due to significant security risks. Instead, consider these alternatives to keep your PC secure and functional beyond 2025. Whether through upgrading, switching operating systems, or opting for extended support, there are ways to extend the life and productivity of older machines. With options like Linux and ChromeOS Flex, even older PCs can remain useful and secure.


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