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Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple’s iPhone 15 series, launched last September, includes the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Despite its appeal, the iPhone 15 Pro has notable drawbacks.

Firstly, the battery life is underwhelming. The 3,274mAh battery is small compared to competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S24 and OnePlus 12. Initially, the battery life seemed worse than the iPhone 14 Pro, and though it improved slightly, it still struggles to last a full day, especially with heavy use.

Secondly, the iPhone 15 Pro’s telephoto camera is limited. Unlike the 15 Pro Max, which boasts a 5x optical zoom periscope lens, the Pro only offers 3x zoom. This limitation is disappointing for those who want top-tier camera features without opting for the larger model.


Moreover, charging speeds remain slow despite the switch to USB-C. The 15 Pro caps at 27W, lagging behind competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and the OnePlus 12, which offer much faster charging.

Considering alternatives, the Samsung Galaxy S24 and OnePlus 12 provide compelling options with better battery life, camera systems, and faster charging.

Finally, with the iPhone 16 Pro expected later this year, potential buyers might want to wait. Rumored enhancements include a larger 6.3-inch display and a periscope lens for improved zoom. The new Capture button might also offer customizable functions. Waiting for the iPhone 16 Pro could be worthwhile given these anticipated improvements.


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