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Gaming Laptops Take a Backseat at Computex 2024

Computex 2024 showcased impressive tech advancements, including new processors from Intel and AMD, Nvidia’s AI gaming companion, and the ROG Ally X handheld. However, gaming laptops specifically designed for gamers were notably absent.

While AI-focused laptops like the Asus ProArt P16 with AMD Ryzen AI and MSI Stealth A16 AI+ were highlighted, gamer-centric options were lacking. The focus on AI advancements left gaming laptops overlooked, with no significant updates in sight.

The GPU market is partly to blame for this drought. Nvidia’s mobile RTX 40-series GPUs were launched at CES 2023, but new models haven’t appeared. Similarly, AMD’s RX 7000M and RX 7000S series, released the same year, haven’t seen new additions. Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs are outdated and scarce in laptops.


This focus on AI, driven by Microsoft’s Copilot+ requiring powerful NPUs, has diverted attention from gaming laptops. New gaming laptops need the performance boost from next-gen GPUs, which are not yet available. Nvidia and AMD’s desktop GPUs, expected later this year, might take months before their laptop versions are released.

Gamers eagerly await Nvidia’s RTX 50-series, AMD’s RDNA 4, and Intel’s Arc Battlemage GPUs. However, these will likely debut as desktop versions, with mobile versions following months later, possibly in 2025.

The delay is frustrating for laptop gamers. Current AI PCs can be used for gaming, but lack the gaming-specific enhancements many seek. Nvidia’s Project G-Assist, a promising AI tool for gamers, was a highlight, but it doesn’t compensate for the absence of new gaming laptops.

Ultimately, AI’s dominance at Computex 2024 means gaming laptop enthusiasts must wait longer for next-gen models. While AI advancements are exciting, dedicated gaming laptops are crucial for gamers, and their absence at Computex is disappointing.


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