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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Paracetamol

Paracetamol is a well known painkiller, as good as it may be, you probably don’t know the harm it does to your body system.

Research found that the use of paracetamol is almost ineffective on a lot of people when it comes to reducing the pain. It only lessen the pain for a little while. On others, it doesn’t work at all especially when it comes to chronic pain.

Below are reasons why you shouldn’t take it


1. Kidney Problem

Taking paracetamol over a long period of time or taking overdose of it damages the kidneys and cause complications. Taking a drug always can make your body immune to the effect which will make you use stronger drugs, this act isn’t healthy for the kidney.

2. Liver Failure

Taking too much paracetamol is toxic for the liver and can cause an acute liver failure. An acute liver failure can happen in 48hours.

3. Heart Attack

Patients who exceeded the daily maximum dose of paracetamol- 4g have reported an increase in blood pressure. Patients who have high blood pressure or who are at high risk of heart disease or stroke should be prescribed paracetamol on a long-term basis.

Other side effects include stomach bleeding and skin complications. These side effects aren’t only drawn to paracetamol alone, it has to do with other painkillers inclusive.

This shouldn’t discourage you from taking painkillers, instead you should take it with caution or find other alternatives to ease to pain. For example, if you’re having a head ache, don’t be too quick to take drugs. There are many causes of headache ranging from stress to hunger.

If you are hungry, try eating first or take a nap to rest your system. It will make you feel refreshed. However if the contrary happens, you can option for a painkiller.


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