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Mr Beast Builds 100 Water Wells In Africa

In a world filled with challenges, access to clean drinking water remains one of the most critical. For many communities in Africa, the simple act of obtaining safe water is a daily struggle, one that affects the health and well-being of countless individuals, particularly children. This blog post explores a remarkable journey to bring clean water to 100 villages in Africa, the impact it has had on the lives of these communities, and the ongoing efforts to make a difference.

The Initiative

The journey begins with a video that showcases a massive philanthropic effort led by MrBeast and his team. They set out to build 100 wells in various villages across Africa. The ultimate goal is to provide access to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people who have long suffered from the lack of this basic necessity.

Building Wells in Kenya

The video takes us through the construction of the first 29 wells in Kenya. Using a massive drill, they dug deep into the ground, past polluted water sources, to reach a vast aquifer of pure, drinkable water. After installation, these wells would serve as a lifeline for the local communities, offering not only clean drinking water but also a source of water for various daily needs, from laundry to bathing.


A School in Nairiri

The journey continues to a school in Nairiri, Kenya, where the impact of clean water becomes evident. Students at the school previously fetched water from an unsafe, contaminated river. This resulted in health issues, including diarrhea and typhoid infections. The introduction of a well ensures that these students and their families no longer have to risk their health when obtaining water.

Impacts and Transformation

The video captures the immediate impact of clean water provision. Villages celebrate the arrival of clean water with joy and gratitude. The clean water not only saves lives but also transforms communities. It ensures healthier, more productive lives and offers the promise of a brighter future.

Challenges Faced

The video highlights the challenges faced by some communities, such as the dangerous river crossing and treacherous hikes required to access water. It underscores the urgency of the clean water initiative in addressing these issues and saving lives.

Bridge Construction

The project’s commitment to making a lasting difference is demonstrated when they embark on building a bridge to connect communities divided by a hazardous river. This bridge ensures safer access to vital services like schools and hospitals, reducing the risk of loss of life.

Going Beyond Borders

After Kenya, the journey takes us to Zimbabwe, Uganda, Somalia, and Cameroon, where additional wells are built. The impact of clean water goes far beyond quenching thirst; it means better healthcare, improved agricultural production, and a brighter future for these communities.

How You Can Help

The video’s conclusion emphasizes the importance of continued efforts to provide clean water to more communities in need. Viewers are encouraged to donate to the cause at beastphilanthropy.org/wells, with 100% of the funds going toward building more wells globally.


Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, yet it remains a distant dream for many communities in Africa. The remarkable journey of building 100 wells is not just a philanthropic endeavor; it’s a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people. As the video showcases, clean water brings joy, health, and hope. We are reminded that small actions can lead to significant impacts, and together, we can change the world, one well at a time.



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