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Apple’s Vision Pro VR: Detachable ‘Chunky Lightning’ Battery Cable

Apple’s new VR headset, the Vision Pro, priced at $3,500, has caught attention for its unique feature – an external battery pack. Despite initial claims that the pack’s cable is non-detachable, users have discovered it can be easily removed using a SIM card removal tool or paperclip. Resembling Apple’s older lightning port, the port on the battery pack has been dubbed “chunky Lightning” due to its 12-pin configuration. While Apple insists the cable and battery should not be separated, users have successfully detached the cable through a small hole in the battery pack.

Reviews of the Vision Pro have generally been positive regarding the overall experience, but criticisms have been directed at its 2-to-2.5-hour battery lifespan. Users expressed a desire to purchase extra battery packs for extended use, leading to frustration over Apple’s initial stance. The revelation of the detachable cable opens possibilities for users to hot-swap batteries during longer sessions, offering a potential solution to the battery life issue.

Despite speculation about Apple’s intention to maintain control over its proprietary system, it remains unclear why the company didn’t incorporate a user-friendly mechanism, such as a removable cable button on the battery pack. Some suggest that this discovery could pave the way for third-party companies to develop larger batteries for the Vision Pro, enhancing its usability. The decision to use a specific cable type and limit cable removal raises questions about Apple’s strategy, especially considering past efforts to adhere to proprietary standards before adopting the USB-C standard due to EU regulations. As users uncover the device’s intricacies, the debate continues over Apple’s choices regarding the Vision Pro’s battery system and potential impacts on user flexibility.


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