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iOS 16: What We Should Expect.

We expect Apple to announce the latest versions of Mac OS, iPad OS, watch OS, TV OS, and of course iOS at WWDC 2022 on June 6th. We don’t know much about any of these platforms, but in this post, we’ll go over what we do know and what to expect.

Improved Notifications.

Notifications in iOS 16 are expected to be significantly improved. Notifications on iOS have always been a mess in my opinion, but they’ve gotten a little bit better since Apple introduced group notifications a few years ago.

However, there’s still plenty of room for improvement; and that’s apparently what we’ll be getting soon. Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete information on how notifications will be improved; but it may begin with major changes to focus mode. According to recent reports from the 15.5 beta code, a new warning message informs users that the selected focus mode requires a software update to be enabled; which could indicate that major improvements are on the way that will necessitate the installation of iOS 16.


New Music App

There’s also a new music app on the way, and it looks like it might debut at WWDC, but for those hoping for a redesigned Apple music app, that may not be the case. It’s a brand-new standalone app devoted exclusively to classical music. Last year, Apple announced the acquisition of Prime Phonic, a classical music streaming service with advanced search and browse features tailored to classical music. When the first beta of iOS 15.5 was released and seeded to developers, it included more Apple Classic sides. It’s still possible that the app will be released before WWDC, perhaps in the next beta of 15.5, but it makes more sense for Apple and in my opinion to wait.

Health App.

On the health side, Apple intends to release an updated version of the health app, which will include sleep tracking and medication management features. Apple is reportedly working on a medicine management app that will allow users to scan their pill bottles into the app, but the initial version is unlikely to include all of the planned features. Women’s health features will be added to the health app as well. There are also a few emergency features on the way, such as car crash detection, which will allow iPhones to detect when a collision has occurred and automatically dial emergency services. If Apple decides to go ahead with this feature, it will most likely have software support that will be included in iOS 16.

Satellite-based Emergency.

Combine that with reports that Apple is planning to add a satellite-based emergency feature to iPhone 14 models, which could be supported in iOS 16, and iPhones would be able to send texts in emergency situations when there is no cell coverage and report major emergencies if coverage is not available if this feature is released.


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